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Rail Logistics & Freight Transport

Secure rail logistics to ensure affordable options for your product transportation

Get help solving your biggest logistics challenges with customized rail freight transport services from Murphy. With strong partners in rail logistics, we offer a wide range of transload services at economical rates.

Rail freight transport is an ideal shipping solution for many American businesses. With a shortage of truck drivers plaguing the supply chain industry, intermodal transport has become increasingly attractive. Additionally, it offers reduced costs due to economies of scale, competitive shipping times, and efficient distribution.

At Murphy, we connect products to destinations across North America by leveraging our relationships in the rail freight industry, whether for long-haul or drayage. We have directly partnered with all Class 1 carriers serving the Upper Midwest, including Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific. We also have a strong relationship with Progressive Rail regional short line railroad, making us the second-largest private rail shipper in the region.

Murphy’s logistics network gives us a commanding position in the market. Our rail partners have direct access to Murphy’s rail storage facilities through dedicated rail line spurs that keep freight costs low for our customers.

Advantages of Rail Logistics

Better Safety, Lower Insurance Premiums – Rail freight transport reduces many operational risks associated with long-distance freight like theft, accidents, cost fluctuations, traffic jams, truck driver shortages, and more. Insurance premiums on rail logistics are considerably lower than truck freight.

Environment Friendly –  Rail logistics is greener than truck freight due to fewer stops and high volume transport. On average, intermodal rail is 3-4 times more fuel-efficient than trucks.
Complex Cargo Needs – Industrial products with customized logistics needs can be transported over short distances with our drayage services or long-distance through rail freight. We offer professional rigging and erecting services for high-value products as well.

The Murphy Advantage: Why Choose Us

Broad Range of Services: Our expertise includes the entire spectrum of post-production distribution. We specialize in rail freight transport, customized storage, piggyback containers (combined cargo), fulfillment services, packaging, rail transload, quality control, freight audit, cross-docking, customs support, last-mile delivery, precision rigging, and postponement services.

Flexible Scaling During Peaks: Our rail freight transport services are well-positioned to handle high volume SKUs and simplify complex supply chains that many 3PLs cannot control. We also offer different low SKU models for day-to-day intermodal transportation.

Complete Control Over Your Supply Chain: We maintain firm control over your products throughout the supply chain. Rail transloading and distribution are carried out by in-house staff to ensure damage-free freight and unweathered storage through our cross-country network of partners.

Integrated Network: Over the last 100 years, we have built a network of partners that complete the entire spectrum of logistics needs. Our logistics partners give us the confidence to continually take on new challenges for our customers.